The Hall of the Red Earl Timeline

1230 - Richard De Burgo arrives to wrest control of Connacht only to be thwarted by the native O'Connor and O'Flaherty clans.

1232 - De Burgo seizes control of the river crossing where he builds a castle on the site of a captured fort.

1233 - The castle is retaken by Felim O'Connor.

1235 - De Burgo returns with a large army and defeats the O'Connors.

1270 - Richard's son, Walter, begins the process of building a defensive wall to defend the town.

1271 - Walter dies and is succeeded by his son Richard the Red Earl. This is the most likely date for the construction of the Hall of the Red Earl.

1484 - Galway granted mayoral staus. As the 'Galway Tribes' come to power, De Burgo's power wanes.

1556 - The hall falls into serious disrepair.

18thC - The Galway County Courthouse is built on the site.

1820 - The Customhouse is built on the site.

1997 - Hall of the Red Earl is uncovered during building works.

1999 - Excavation completed.

2001 - Extension to Custom house incorporating the excavation is opened.