Galway’s new 'Histry' app (Digital Media Award Winner 'Best Newcomer 2017’ and nominated for ‘Best Use of Mobile 2017’) provides you with the perfect tool to step back in time and discover the tales and characters that are the very essence of this beloved city in the West of Ireland. 'Histry' app provides you with a complementary service to the tourist walking tour, with an informative, self-guided tour of Galway city in your native language. 'Histry' app is a new tourism tool delivering expert historical insight, directly to your device. Tour Galway, your way!

'Histry' will guide you through Galway's rich history


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St. Nicholas’ Church

This ancient limestone building has been classed as the largest parish church still in use in Ireland today, and presents a living history of the city.


Spanish Arch

This arch is part of the stone fort we see today, which was constructed in 1584 to protect the ancient harbour of Galway, directly upstream.


Lynch’s Castle

This massive stone tower house, said to be Ireland’s finest surviving town castle, was one of the fourteen fine edifices noted in the famous 1651 Pictorial Map of Galway.